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eoloperfido.com features the work of Italian photographer, Eolo Perfido. The website opens with a splash page comprised of the artist’s name, portfolio sections, and social media icons. The images on the splash page move into place, likely done with a flash function. Perfido’s name is visible on every page in an unmoving menu bar on the left that contains his name, navigation, and social media icons. His portfolio is divided into sections: portraits, advertising, editorial, creative, clownville, and street photography. The navigation bar is easy to navigate and understand, as the portfolio sections are in a larger font and are separated from his bio, gear, blog, and contact pages. His social media accounts and email are easily accessible, and the icons are buttons that open a new tab or email.

When you select one of the first five portfolio pages, the content on the right side changes, but if you select one of the last four, a new website opens. The fact that some of the portfolio links open separate websites is somewhat confusing. I would suggest either keeping everything on one website, or separating the last four links with a space in the navigation bar. His secondary portfolio websites are almost identical to the primary one, and could be integrated in a way that visitors do not realize they have changed websites.

The website is very dynamic and includes minimalist colors, typography, and beautiful photography. The ratio between text and image creates a contemporary look, and some words are bolded to emphasize key aspects of his narrative. The portfolio pages include one to three asymmetrical columns of images, depending on the size of the viewer’s monitor. Some images in his biography and gear pages are nicely spaced in a 2x2 grid. He does not, however, have an image on his contact page, only a form.

The portfolio thumbnails are large, and viewers are able to scroll down through the artist’s work. The photographs are emphasized as the most important feature of the site, and the rollover function adds a nice detail in its function. When you click on an image, a gallery opens, where only one image is on the page. The navigation in the gallery is fluid. You can navigate the gallery by clicking on the left, right, or center of the image to move to the previous image, next image, or back to the thumbnails subsequently. There are also navigation buttons on the side for those who cannot use the hidden function. There are no descriptions or titles for his images. His advertisement photographs do not need text, but some of his fine art projects and portraits could include context.

The artist’s work is unique and exciting, so a sleek website complements his dynamic photographs. The website function is straightforward and moves smoothly. The juxtaposition of image and text gives those who visit the website, a well-rounded view of Perfido’s talent, process, and thinking. The site encompasses the artist’s aesthetic and emphasizes his vivid photography.


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