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Chase Design Group is one of the most outstanding professional design companies. I first learned about Chase Design Group through my web design class professor, Dr. Brodsky, who showed its *website during class. Coincidentally, my talented friend, Beverly Hartono, works there too. This spurred my curiosity to learn more about the company by visiting its website.

Chase Design Group’s website is clean and very beautiful. The first page of every website is very important because it is the viewers’ first impression and viewers tend to shape their entire opinion based on their first opinion. Chase Design Group evidently understands this because they have put in effort to ensure the attractiveness of its landing page. Its first page is an animation of various patterns in thin cuts laid vertically. An orange horizontal rectangle, acting as the menu bar, lies in the middle of those vertical patterns. The white font acts as a nice contrast to the colorful patterns.

Additionally, I like their design concept. It is very clean and simple, but not boring because they use vivid colors. This website is very similar to my style: simple but engaging and colorful. As their portfolio contains so many artworks, they categorized their works into four columns and eleven rows. Their portfolio page design is very simple: small rectangles with small space between as a gap. There are also rollovers when you place your mouse on the picture. As you visit the work, about, news and contact pages, the menu bar moves from the middle to the top. There are also sub-menu bars, located on the left of each of those four pages, which have another drop down menu. The sub-menus are not too excessive, making it informative yet simple and easy to navigate.

Overall, this website is very well designed, organized and inspiring in terms of its unique style.



*check out their website at: chasedesigngroup.com