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Jennifer Abigail is a junior Multimedia Arts student at Loyola Marrymount University, Los Angeles. She was born and raised in Indonesia, then moved to Los Angeles since 2011. She loves art since she was a kid. At first, she could not draw, so her mother took her to a drawing course. Jennifer has passion in art, like her mom and grandfather, but the different is she is more into design.

She also loves lettering. She likes to doodle on her notes, not drawing, but lettering. She always decorates the title of her notes since she was in Junior High School. She

Her notebooks are so tidy and she always decorates the title of each note with her color pens or markers, since she was in the third grade. Yes, she likes playing with beautiful colors. "Touch of colors bring more life to your piece," she said. As you can see, most of her artworks are using pretty color combinations. "I am happier when I use colors," she added.

As she enters the university, she becomes knowlegable of design concept and skills. This makes her more and more interested in design. Choosing Multimedia Arts as her major is a huge advantage for her. She never studied design before, but now she is knowlegable of computer, graphic and web design. They are new things for her, but she loves to learn about them.



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