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Very early in childhood I found that I had a talent for drawing which very soon developed into a love of art.  I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in a field utilizing my artistic talent.  Once I was introduced to Maya, I realized that I truly have a passion for 3D modeling.

I was still young when I became extremely interested in video games.  I soon realized, that my interest wasn't just for the fun of playing the games, I was drawn to the artistic design of the characters and I wanted to model, draw and design them.  At first it was just a few simple things, but very soon I became enthralled with creatures like dragons, werewolves, and other animalistic monsters.  I was an avid player of World of Warcraft; however, I discovered that it wasn't the dungeons, raids, or the people that interested me while I was playing - it was the creatures and the concepts behind them that truly fascinated me, and I started drawing them..

I am currently a senior at Loyola Marymount University as a Studio Arts major with an emphasis in Media Design. My hobbies include drawing, modeling in Maya, painting, playing video games, and conjuring up imaginative creature concepts - not necessarily in that order. My ideal goal is to put my skills to work by obtaining successful employment with a gaming company. I have developed a talent for conjuring creatures with special abilities or unique physical traits and then transferring them from an idea into a visual image and even at times into a 3D character in Maya. I enjoy developing creatures with a wide range of unique and fantastic abilities and physical traits so they can have the appearance of anything from vile and scary to deceptively elegant. Although drawing and modeling creatures is my current favorite pastime, I feel that I have the artistic ability to successfully complete any work required within a Gaming Art Department. I have skills with Maya, Photoshop, Corel Painter, Traditional Painting, and Ceramics, as well as minor skills in Adobe After Effects, Processing, Flash, and HTML. My passion for drawing and playing video games give me the drive to learn and expand my skills because, in the end, I know that I would love nothing more than to work for a gaming company and create 3D models of characters for video games. My ultimate dream is to finish playing a video game, find my name in the art department credits and then point to a creature in the game and say, "I created that"