LACMA Website critique

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is an amazing place to visit and by extension it’s website should be something to behold as well. Visitors surely go here prior to visiting for directions, hours and prices so as a result the website should be easy to navigate and functional.

Coming from a family with poor eye sight the first thing I noticed was that the font was quite small, but in relation to the rest of the site it works well.

At some points in navigation the header at the top of the site took a few seconds to load. Then again that might just be my internet.

All the pages work, no 404 errors are encountered anywhere and each link leads to the correct page. All the images on the site work which is very important seeing as how the website is for a museum

The layout overall is pleasing to me, the solid white background works well against the striking red borders around the header and the red navigation bar. These colors are consistent throughout the entire site, giving it good continuity. The headers are emphasized in the right way, giving each page a purpose that is easy to decipher without being too obtrusive or unpleasing to the eye.

On the subject of the navigation bar, the one on the LACMA site stands out against the rest, and each tab has an organized pull down menu that features more choices to choose from.

Each page has a title, and all of them are unique. Navigating around the site is easy and fluid. The titles of the buttons that take you to other pages are easy to discern from each other making it easy to get where you need to go.

There are little to no ads on the site, making it easy to read and digest the content. The content of the site can be skimmed and absorbed in a short amount of time which is good. People on websites rarely read it in it’s entirety. Usually they simply skim through and the LACMA website does and adequate job of portraying its purpose in a short amount of time.

All in all the website lives up the to reputation of the museum. It is very easy to navigate and gets to the point quickly and can easily be absorbed without having to read too much.