Mark Ivkovic is a UK based photographer. When you first visit his website you are taken to his most recent photographs. Each photograph is displayed and the viewer scrolls to the right to view more. At the top, his logo is in the left corner and his navigation bar is in light pink on the right side. His navigation bar has an extensive amount of categories for each of his different types of work: Recent, Editorials, Portraits, Beauty & Hair, and Triptychs. In addition, he has his About, Journal, Contact, and Social. All of his photographic works are displayed in the same way: the viewer scrolls to the right to view more images. His about page discusses how he got into photography and what it means to him. At the bottom, he states his clients, publications, and references.

The portion that I found most interesting was his collection of triptychs. Obviously, I am a fan of them but I don’t see many other artists use them. His triptychs all follow the same criteria: someone’s face, their outfit, and their shoes. What I like about them is that they aren’t really serious; you can clearly see the model’s personality and quirks in their triptych. Additionally, I like how the triptychs are vertically instead of horizontal. I just think that it is incredibly unique to do it that way. The photos are also in black and white, which adds another element of cohesiveness.

Overall, Mark’s website is simple with different aspects of his own personal style. I like how he laid out his portfolio: one giant scroll to the right. I like how his logo is simple and overall the website is very monochrome. The only pops of color come from the navigation bar. He has an extensive amount of work, so there was no need to do a crazy website. The simplicity makes his work shine through. Everything flows nicely and works aesthetically in order for his work to shine through. Additionally, I liked how his bio wasn’t a standard bio. It focuses on how photography makes him feel rather than a full on biography of his education. I liked this because he doesn’t need to tell people about himself. What is important is the work he creates.




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