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Critique: Jonathan Irish


The website Jonathanirish.com has a very clean layout with easily accessible images portraying his overall style as a photographer. The page opens with his portfolio and contains a very visible navigation bar below his logo. This navigation bar allows the visitor to find out more about him as a photographer in the about section, as well as giving the visitor access to the contact, video, and Instagram links. Beneath the navigation bar are five distinguishing pages that separate Irish’s photographs into different categories. These sections include All, Places, Animals, People, and Black and White. I found these sections to be quite useful and beneficial to the site, as Irish has so much imagery that the All page can be quite overwhelming at a first glance. Therefore, separating his work into categories creates a more organized format that allows the viewer to easily find exactly what they’re looking for.

While the layout is very straightforward, it really works well for displaying the photographer’s work. The thumbnails are a perfect size and also function as buttons that can be clicked on in order to enlarge the image to its full size. Once the photograph is magnified, arrows appear at the top so the viewer can easily scroll through the various images on the page at their larger size. There is also an ‘x’ in the top right corner of these pages, which allow the viewer to simply exit the enlarged image and go back to the portfolio page. Clearly, this part of the website is very easy to interact with and functions very well.

Another aspect of the website that functions very well is the Contact page. Here, the viewer can find the photographer’s contact information as well as a form where the visitor can enter his/her information and make a request to the photographer himself. While this page is very sufficient in its function, it is not very interesting, as it does not contain a photograph or a visual element. Therefore, I would suggest adding a simple photo or design in order to make it a little more visually pleasing. The About page is also very simple in its design, but a little more efficient as it contains a photograph. The only suggestion that I have for this page is to possibly change the photo to something a little more vague. Right now, the photograph is a picture of the artist himself, which can be a little risky, as we have learned in class. Therefore, I think it would be smart to disconnect one’s personal appearance from the site and choose a more universal image to include on the About page.

Additionally, the Video page is very well done. The layout is simple, yet effective, and the videos are quick to load and scroll through. Having this page adds a little bit of diversity to the website and the artist himself, really emphasizing that he can do more than just take photographs.

Overall, Jonathanirish.com is a website that is easy to operate, visually clean, and very functional.




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