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Artificial Sunsets


We live in a world where there is a constant struggle to find balance within the combative relationship between humanity and the natural world. We as humans continue to coexist with nature and strive to share its beauty, but at the same time aspects of our own nature occasionally end up acting as destructive elements in relaying this essential untouched and beautiful environment. In this day in age, our need to share what we see is more present than ever before, but most of the time we don’t actually display what we see, but more what we want to see. Photographs of sunsets are generally highly processed, saturated, and altered to create a view that is extremely aesthetically pleasing, but doesn’t necessarily depict the truth. Therefore, we as humans are somewhat destroying the natural aspects of what we’re seeing and creating something of our own; ultimately, commenting on the delicate balance between the naturalistic world and the influence of human touch. This series entitled “Artificial Sunsets,” is meant to comment on the human necessity to control natural occurrences. As we are constantly moving, changing, and evolving, so is the environment around us. I chose to create double exposed images partnered with bursts of color to represent the fast paced society in which we live in where the world is becoming less natural, and more “artificial” or manmade.