My name is Cadie Shimabukuro and I am a photographer born and raised in Hawaii. In 2012, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Multimedia Arts at Loyola Marymount University. Throughout my time in high school and college, I have developed a love for photography, graphic design, and web design. Influenced heavily by my life in Hawaii, my art captures my love for the ocean as well as the city landscape. Currently, I am interested in creating art that pushes the limits of my mediums, and am working on a project that incorporates photography, animation, and special effects to create a fight scene in the cityscape. I hope to create art that inspires people and instills them with a sense of wonder.

My artwork takes on a present day view of the world where I capture aspects of the city as well as the sea. Ranging from work in photography to flash to three-dimensional design, I have a working knowledge of numerous programs that have helped me create work that captures my perspective towards life as well as the influence from the places I live. Of the programs I have learned, I still have a love for black and white film photography. I feel that capturing images on film and developing prints, rather than producing everything digitally gives photographs a true, more genuine aspect. Even though I work with diverse computer applications across the digital medium, my work thematically expresses my love for both the city and the sea, and conveys a sense of youthful, optimistic imagination.