Website Critique

Website design has really come along way over the past years with what’s considered attractive, modern, and appealing to the eye. Apple, being a leader and trend setter for website design has brought in an era where simplicity is glorified and seen as an attractive layout for websites. The strategic use of white space and openness help the eye move around the website fluidly and prevents the viewer from being overloaded with information. When I was trying to find a website to critique and review I wanted to make sure that I found one that was appealing to me, simplistic, and had content that interested me. So being that I’m a huge fan of graphic design I began to look through a few graphic design portfolios until I found one that really stood out to me and made me want to dive deeper into the website. That website for me was the interactive resume of a man named Robby Leonardi.

As soon as I clicked on this website I was almost excited to go through the journey of this man’s resume. It uses a video game like interface where you have to hit the down arrow to make this little animated man run through a sequence of levels where each level talks about a different attribute (about, work experience, awards, and contact information) pertaining to Robby. The animation, artwork, design, and overall color palette of the website is amazing in my opinion.

The site has a very video game/pixel art vibe to it while still keeping a sense of modernity to it, which I was a huge fan of. The artwork alone made me want to keep going through the levels, but the fact that it was similar to a video game made me want to continue going through his resume until I reached the end just like I would a game. It’s always hard trying to make something that might be boring or dry to read entertaining and actually fun to read, but Robby was able to successfully do this through the design, layout, and vibrancy of his website layout.

After looking at this interactive resume it made me realize a few things. The first being that no matter how good of a product or service you have if you don’t have an attractive and appealing website the viewer might not even get far enough to figure out what that product or service is because the website won’t be able to intrigue them enough. That being said, people have to be sure that the interface of the homepage of their website is just as interesting as the first page of a book so that they can entice their viewer to travel throughout the entire site.

This site also showed me how much it takes to really stand out from the crowd. There are a million resumes out there, but we want to make sure that we stand out so that people actually notice us and take the time to read what’s on our resume so how can we do that? Everyone obviously can’t make a website as interactive and visually stunning as Robby did, but maybe by adding a beautiful color palette to our resume or making our resume viewable on a website that is attractive to the eye can set us apart from our competition and help us land that job that we want so badly.

Robby Leonardi’s interactive resume taught me a lot about the importance of website design and creativity and I plan on using some of the things that I learned in my own online portfolio and resume so that it can be just as an exciting experience as his was. If you want to take a look for yourself at this amazingly put together website/resume click here!

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New Hire At Wpromote!

Considering that I’m graduating college in a couple weeks I had been hoping that I would be able to receive a full-time job at my current internship with a company called Wpromote, located in El Segundo. I have been a marketing intern with the company for about a year now so I figured my chances were high, and luckily I was right! Just the other week my boss offered me a full-time with this company that I have come to love. I am able to utilize both my major (Marketing) and my minor (Graphic Design) with the company, which is my favorite part about it. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and my career, but I’m excited about where it’s headed at the moment!

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Websites With Great Color Palettes

I love beautiful design, I love beautiful websites, and I love beautiful color palettes so it’s only natural that this article about “10 Beautiful Website Color Palettes” caught my attention and made me want to read it. This article goes through and discusses ten different websites with what they think to be beautiful color palettes, and I would have to agree. The coolest part about this article though is that they even give you the hex codes for the main colors used throughout the website. Give this article a look  to get an inside look at each of these websites.Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 9.59.49 PM

Does Creative Freedom Exist?

The question of whether or not creative freedom actually exists is a very interesting topic to bring up. On the one hand we feel like we have all of the freedom in the world. We have social media outlets to post whatever it is that’s on our mind, we are able to create art that allows us to freely express ourselves, and are growing up during a time where we are encouraged to say whatever it is that is on our mind and to stand up for what we believe in. However, we are also restricted in many ways when it comes to just how free we actually are. Adrian Shaughnessy takes a look at the work of Charlie Hebdo in this article to see just how free we truly are with our creativity. Take a look a here. I think it will make you think in a new way and take a step back to evaluate where we are as a society.

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Are Your Online Ads Creeping Out Customers?

Many companies these days are utilizing advertising technology that  targets consumers based on their Internet browsing history and personal information. However, many consumers react negatively when they realize that their personal information is being using to directly target them with different ads. This begs the question of whether or not it’s a smart idea to use this cutting edge technology to narrow down your target audience or whether to play it safe and avoid the possibility of freaking out your potential consumers. Click here to check out the full article!

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The 1975 Limited Edition Vinyls

This post may be a little unrelated in comparison to my other posts, but I refuse to not make a post when my favorite band releases some of their EPs on limited edition vinyl! First of all, I love collecting vinyls. The sound it creates on the record player is something that can’t be duplicated in my opinion and when you throw the word “limited edition” in front of it count me in. The 1975 has been my favorite band for awhile now and when I found out they were releasing 4 of their original EPs I had to make sure to get them. Not only did I have to wake up early to make sure that I didn’t miss out, but I also had to deal with the site crashing multiple times due to thousands of people trying to by them.  Long story short I was finally able to get through and purchase all 4 of their EPs unlike many people who kept getting kicked off the site and weren’t able to complete their purchase. I couldn’t have been happier and I cannot wait to get them in the mail!

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Twitch Knows How To Market To Millennials

Twitch is a new gaming site that streams big time gamers and allows others to watch the action take place. After Amazon acquired Twitch last Fall the company has been growing rapidly, and I think a big part is due to the fact that they know how to effectively market to millennials, which are many companies target audience. The four main takeaways from Twitch’s marketing strategy are:

1. Their content is not polished, but unfiltered.

2. Creates an opportunity  for real-time interaction

3. The experience incentivizes a personal connection between content & viewer

4. Empowers active engagement

To read the full article click here!

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Graffiti Business Cards

I’m a huge fan of EVERYTHING that involves the art of graffiti. I think that there’s a certain vibrancy, brightness, and life within the graffiti realm of art that you can’t find anywhere else so when I ran across this article that talked about a man who combines the art of graffiti with business cards (being a marketing major with a minor in graphic design) I couldn’t help but be completely intrigued. Receiving a job these days is all about standing out from the crowd and doing something that will leave a memorable impression and I think these business cards would definitely do the trick. If you want to get the full story behind these awesome business cards check it out here!

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Take Control Over Your Typography

After just recently finishing up my first Typography class I’ve learned just how important font selection truly is to the message and vibe of whatever project it is that you’re working on. Not only is it aesthetically important, but it is also important when it comes to trademark and copyright issues. We, as graphic designers, have to make sure that we are selecting fonts that aren’t going to get us in the trouble. Click here to learn 5 tips for taking control over the fonts that you use. I think that  the article will be a pretty helpful read if you work with fonts often.

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Google “Mobile Friendly” Update

With Google’s “Mobile Friendly” update marketers need a way to see if their websites are going to pass the test, and Conductor may just have the answer. Conductor is the leader of web presence management, enabling marketers to earn more market share, customers, and ROI. Now they are introducing a new tool that will help companies that are worried about the Google update. It will allow companies to see which content is mobile friendly and which content is not. Learn more about the update and Conductor’s helpful tool here.

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