Laura Podsiadlo

Designer/Artistic Coder/Motion Artist

During my undergraduate studies at Loyola Marymount University, I was able to become even more proficient in various software programs including Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, and Photoshop. Through my proficiency and capability with Adobe After Effects, Premier Pro, Dragonframe, Processing, Arduino programming, Maya, Cinema 4D, learning to code for websites, and prototyping games in Flash, I have developed a strong, solid base in video editing and understand coding. With the exploration of these various programs, I have found the importance of combining what each of these tools has to offer and utilizing elements of each to produce something far more compelling challenging than any one alone could.

In one recent project, I generated fractals and meshed them with photographs I had shot. The concept of these photos was to depict an avant-garde interaction between what we see and the microscopic systems we do not see, and what for some they cannot fathom. Fractals describe the natural but chaotically-created things in our world and universe. I wanted the fractals to interact with the images, to create some sort of sense together and a new way of looking at a traditional image, through complexity and movement. While exploring this concept, I decided to push it further

After studying light artists, and experimenting with processing, I wanted to further explore the fractal interaction concept and build upon what I had discovered to construct a more elaborate piece. Hence, for my Senior Advanced Multimedia class I am creating an experience-based piece. The piece I have been working on will utilize a series of LED lights I program with an Arduino board that will generate and run through a series of fractal inspired patterns. These lights with be mounted behind glass printed on with portrait photographs I have created. Although this will be a highlight of my college career, I believe that it is only a stepping stone that has driven my interest to learn and produce more.

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