About Kevin Chan:

Kevin Chan is currently the Design Editor at the Los Angeles Loyolan and majors in Studio Arts with an emphasis on Multimedia Image at Loyola Marymount University. His interests in the arts have led him to experiment throughout the spectrum of visual arts. He has studied ceramics, colored pencil drawing, charcoal drawing, digital and film photography, lithography, photo editing and manipulation, portraiture drawing, two-dimensional design, and watercolor painting in addition to numerous art history topics. With a keen eye for details, Kevin's artwork, designs, and photography convey messages in a powerful and aesthetically pleasing manner.
Favorite Least Favorite
  • Place: Miami International Airport
  • Music: country
  • Restaurant: Arby's, because Jon Stewart
  • Color: #5c5f31
  • Movie: The Last Airbender
  • Animal: cats (any kind)
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