For my website critique, I decided to relate the content to my career.  In doing so I searched for great movie sites with the help of the Webby Awards list.  The best I came across was for the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street.”  This website works as a great companion to the movie.  It’s design, interface, and responsiveness work amazingly for the user.  

Once I arrived to, an advertisement to buy the movie appears. Once exiting the advertisement, the first thing noticed with the website is its bright and colorful design.  If you’ve seen the advertising for the movie, you would know that it sticks to the same design of the bright yellow and black typography.  The home screen consists of a picture of Leonardo diCaprio, dropdown navigation bar, two buttons to purchase the movie, a section for the quotes from acclaimed Hollywood magazines, and button pointing down to scroll.  This home screen immediately explains the movie to me, just one crazy party.  

After seeing the home screen, I did as I was advised, which was to scroll down. As I would scroll down, pictures would animate beautifully by sliding in various directions.  

There were many sections that consisted of videos, photos, story, cast, gif builder, reviews, accolades, soundtrack, and filmmakers.  Scrolling down as well goes to these different sections so they work well with one another.  One of the features though wasn’t that good, the GIF Builder feature.  Unfortunately there’s only one video you can use to make a GIF with, and it doesn’t work.  The video wouldn’t even load at times and when it did, the builder still wouldn’t work.  The cast section by far has the best design and setup throughout the site.  The main cast have a square picture of themselves in a line, which can be clicked on with a full biography of them.