My Internship is Completed!

Yes! I have finally completed my internship at Revolver Gallery (who specialize exclusively in Andy Warhol prints and artworks). It was a great experience and I am thankful for the opportunity to do it, even if some things did go a bit strangely.

For a while before getting the internship, I was really struggling to find one. I had been constantly applying to more internships than I can count, and I wasn’t hearing back from anybody. I remember applying to Revolver Gallery, not thinking that I was going to get it, and just doing it because I was getting seriously desperate. I was going to be graduating soon and I really needed to complete it to be able to fully graduate this year. Then, about a week after I had applied to it, I got a call from the studio manager at the time (more on this later), saying that she wanted to interview me because she thought I would be a great match for the role! I was so thrilled to be finally have gotten at very least an interview. It was extremely chill as well because it was just over the phone. She asked me a few questions and then said that she wanted to hire me. I was beyond ecstatic.

I went in on my first day and I wasn’t really sure what I would be doing exactly. The gallery had just finished moving into a new location on West 3rd Street from their previous location in Santa Monica. The first day I basically just assisted with whatever things needed to be done. I did a lot of my learning this first day because I got to experience: receiving incoming artworks, sending out artworks that had been sold and the paper that went along with shipping them out, checking the various auctions sites to see what things were being sold and how much they were going for, and so on and so forth. I thought that this was going to be the types of things that I would be doing, but then the studio manager gave me the job of writing an article for the newsletter.

The thing that the article was about was a list of celebrities who owned artworks by Andy Warhol. I spent a good chunk of the day just researching and combing through other articles and lists on the internet trying to find out who the most popular celebrities were that owned Warhol artworks. When I had complied a large enough list, I started to craft a compelling enough article utilizing the information. It had helped that I had been having to do these types of papers the semester prior in art history because I was still in the right state of mind to be writing something like that. I finished the article the next time that I went in and handed it into them, and they really enjoyed it. It made me feel really great to be able to do something like that which would directly contribute to something to the business, and not just turn in a paper to my professor.

This is what became my job for the remainder of my internship. I became like the in-house writing intern for the gallery. After the initial article, I quickly began work on the next article which was about Warhol’s Screen Test films. I did a great deal of research just looking up everything that had to do with the screen tests themselves, what went into making them, and what the point of them was. I watched a bunch of them, which was boring but informative, and I compiled a great deal of notes as I had done with the previous article as well. After I had finally put together everything that I had needed, I began writing that article. Once I was done, I handed it in and they loved it again!

The final project that I worked on took me a little over a month to finish. It entailed me listing, researching, and writing a short biography on as many Warhol Superstars as I could. A Warhol Superstar was someone Warhol had cast in at least one of his films throughout the sixties. Someone who he, in a way, took in and supported for some period of time. Some of them had nothing really bad to say about Warhol, but a good amount of them said that how they felt like they were used by Warhol in one way or another. It was really interesting getting to do this project because I never even knew that these people existed, and getting to see the parts that they played in his films and the lives that they would end up leading was fascinating. Many of them ended up dying far too early in life, mostly from drugs, cancer, or AIDS. I found out a lot about them, and to finish it all off I had to find multiple pictures of each (about 25 in total) and archive them so that they could be implemented on the website.

All in all, the experience of doing the internship was great. I got to experience life in an art gallery, which was very informative and helped me to see what the art collecting world was like. sitting next to works that were worth six figures every day I went into the gallery was a pretty crazy feeling. Most importantly, I felt satisfied with the work that I was doing and I am proud of what I achieved while there. I am certainly thankful for the opportunity to be able to work in the gallery.

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