Critique of Alan Martin’s Portfolio Website

Alan Martin is a character design artist who has done work on a lot of Disney Channel shows. His website reflects much of what goes into being a character designer, which is doing alot of drawings, and even more sketches, of characters that may or may not ever go anywhere.

His site opens with icons, created using his own designs, that lead to the other parts of his website. These include: biography, studio work, personal work, his blog, and a store. The whole site itself is very responsive, and each icons leads immediately to the next page. The background of every page is a huge spread of multiple character designs in different poses, which really gives a sense of who he is as an artist, even though it may be a bit literal. It looks like the main colors of his site are white, black and red.

His biography is an incredibly short and quick run through of the some of the stuff he has worked on and the things that he has done. His studio work is nicely separated by the shows that he has worked on, along with a unique icon that leads to each page. The images themselves are presented in a gallery/slideshow format. The same is also done for his personal work page. All of the images are at a nice resolution which looks crisp on the page. The only thing that it is really missing is that there is no type of description about what each work is about, or what went into the creation of it. His blog has not been updated for a few years because he has switched to doing most of his blogging on Instagram. His store is basically just for his artbook, which has a link you can follow to pay for it through Paypal. It is basically just a regular page with a link to a store, but it is certainly functional nonetheless.

Overall, Alan Martin’s site is nice and functional. It does what it needs to and doesn’t really try to do anything more.


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