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Creating an unreal reality, that is my mission. I strive to create art that may reflect the world, but is ultimately something you could never find, besides on my page or canvas. Cartoons and the exaggerated are passions of mine. I feel cartoons evoke a mindstate of childlike wonder that is rarely ever found today, or even more rarely encouraged. With this in mind, I also love to work with color. The form may tell the story but it is the color that drives the emotion.

I love to make art for any and everyone because I love the universality of art. I love that a four year old and forty year old can both look at the same work of art and both find concrete meaning in it. It is something that words cannot always do. The materials that I enjoy to work with most are: pencil and paper, paint and canvas, or tablet and computer. The materials that I choose reflect my life as an artist, from when I was a young child just beginning to scribble, until now. Most importantly, I make the art that I do because it is my fuel, it is what drives my every atom.