Hello, I am Ali Jane Halford, a twenty-two year old Multimedia Designer from Los Angeles. I am a graduate from Loyola Marymount University. (BFA in Multimedia, minor in Art History). Along with my traditional education, I have spent time working, interning and co-managing a startup street wear company. Through my coursework I have developed an array of technical and creative skills including graphic design, programming and motion graphics. Work experience has enhanced my technical capabilities, while also giving me the opportunity to perform in the real world.

While interning at Gensler, I worked in a largely corporate, fast-paced and communal environment. Two things I was praised for were learning on the fly and completing tasks quickly. Curious and assertive, I have also ventured into free lance work, most recently creating a brand book for the photographer Gray Malin that showcases his portfolio to potential clients. This past year I have been operating as the creative director for Exquisite USA, a street-wear company. Part of my role included: developing a new brand, creating a new logo, choosing a typeface, and creating the website. Not an easy process, it was very rewarding to see the finished product.

A media consumer, I constantly follow fashion, art and music, finding the overlap in trends and deciding what will be successful next. I am excited to learn new markets, to research the competition, and see where new opportunities are, finally creating something unique. I am passionate about details, something as minute as changing the color of the thread on the buttons or modifying a typeface can transform a design. I believe what differentiates a company is the attention to all aspects of the brand, especially the subtle details.

At your convenience, I would like to set up a time to meet in person to discuss employment opportunities . Please feel free to review my resume below.

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