Hi there. My name is Jessica Ganji. I am a digital designer.

Quite often, I seek refuge at cafes. As I sip on pumpkin spice lattes and decapitate gingerbread men, I tend to focus upon other people's demeanors. I wonder about their motivations and desires. I am intrigued by the possible struggles they may have faced; by the idiosyncratic way they interact with the world. This captivation leads me to formulate stories to describe who they are and the lives they lead. These stories share a common thread; the world is filled with people who are constantly trying to discover themselves. I have come to the conclusion that life is not about finding oneself; rather, it is about creating oneself. I have decided to create myself into a designer.

Silence is necessary, but in the modern world it ceases to exist. We live in the midst of cacophony, and its most serious consequence is how it distracts us from introspection and true meditative practices. The observer within me desires to express the world--as I see it--visually and symbolically. I intuit connections and symbols everywhere. Due to my contentious nature, I see the English language not as a means of communication, but an art of symbols. With wordplay and other literary devices, I am better able to express my internal world. I have a deep longing for people to see beyond the material, and connect without speaking. Design has given me the outlet to prove that there is meaning behind my quiet observations.

Design & Illustration

Adobe Creative Suite

Web Design & Development

HTML5, CSS3 & Wordpress

3D Modeling & Rendering

Maya & Mudbox

Digital Video Production

Final Cut Pro & Avid Media Composer