Alex Hadjiantoniou

Amoung all the websites for storyboard artist and concept artist, the online profile of Alex Hadjiantoniou is my top favorite site. To begin it has a beautifully laied out splash screen that gives the viewer an idea of what he works with. Secondly, it is one of the most well organized website for storyboard artist that I have personally seen. It's incredibly easy to navigate, dosen't seem overwhelming, and has a pleasing simple color scheme. At the bottom of his page, he has a twitter notification box that is constantly updating his social media, which I find to be neat. Perhaps my first complaint upon further review is that if I click on an art piece I have no idea what it is or what it's from. There are certainly a number of pieces that I see within his gallery that I want to know more about, but only see numbers.

One thing I do find quite helpful and inspireing to myself and my website is that this artist has the same content as I do. I am an artist who mostly has dabbled in concept art but also do storyboards and I am unsure in how to properly divide my gallery. Mr. Hadjiantoniou decided that he would seperate his work into different categories that could be selected from the menu. I also have noticed that his splash sceeen changes with time and will send you to different parts of his gallery given on what you choose during the splash screen. I actually really like that and am heavily considering doing that.

His use of javascript is pretty decent and at times it could be entertaining. I've noticed that there are small details that he puts into his work throughout his website. On the splash page, if you scroll, the splash page will be slowly overlapped by his logo and a written introduction. If you were to click on an image and then exit out of the image, the image will slowly move back into place rather then pop back. It is small details like these that give this site a nice flowly and smooth feeling.

With his understanding of java script, I do wish that he would do something else for the way the pictures are portrayed. Along with their lack of captions, the pictures are all on a modal gallery. There is nothing wrong with using modals(I'm using modals currently for my own gallery) but I do find that some flow is lost when viewing his storyboard section. There are times where I'll be looking at parts of the storyboard and being confused on where the board starts or where it finishes, which needs to be fixed.

OVerall, I think what impressed me so much about this partiuclar artist's website was it's simple easy to navigate appeal. I find this important to me because I often feel overwhelmed with the amount of different works that I have within my art portfolio. Seeing another artist find a way to effectively navigate this issue in an organized way makes me feel that it's just as possible for me to do it. Yet even though I do like alot of parts about his website, I do recognize that he needs to improve some things and I will take note of that when building up my own website.

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