net art

netwog interactive  rendering for an interactive public installation utilizing 360° video. the 4 cameras as well as the 360° composite (projected on the glass display) can be adjusted via touch screen and spherical mouse.

moses  this work is inspired by the biblical burning bush, which has been theorized to be 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine, a psychedelic chemical compound found in many plant species. it depicts a deconstructive and soul bearing out of body experience from the point of view of the subject.

domplex  this work is a representation of the earth, its mechanical direction, and the three options that are available to humankind.

mutations 1-3  this work visualizes 3 mutations of a designer baby, as well as its basic information.

deconstruct  a satisfying interactive work that allows the user to partially deconstruct forms on click.

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pink, interactive graphics 1-4  these works are a venture into color hierarchy, and color variation as it relates to depth and motion perception. responds to mouse input.