net art
inspirational works/artists:
cool3dworld: mind-bending animations created by brian tessler and jon baken.
e.m-bed.de/d/: clever web art/music video from yung jake.
ryoji ikeda japan's leading electronic composer and visual artist --- works with audio and light by means of both mathematical precision and mathematical aesthetics.
ryder ripps conceptual artist based in new york
hirad sab digital artist responsible for several extremely impressive and refreshing music videos
joris laarman lab founded by joris laarman and anita star, their lab "tinkers with craftsmen, scientists and engineers on the many new possibilities of upcoming technology and its consequential esthetics"
marcin ignac skilled artistic programmer who visualizes data and creates generative art
virtual art sessions a chrome experiment from google which allows you to explore the workflow of six renowned artists while they paint in virtual reality
yeezy-reply automate immediate replies to kanye west's tweets, coded by mannynotfound.
casey reas creative programmer casey reas writes software to explore conditional systems as art. co-creator of the processing language (see: processing.org)
reggie watts a one of a kind musician, performance artist, and intellectual who has influenced me greatly in many facets of life
social turkers: crowdsourced relationships artist lauren mccarthy utilizes amazon mechanical turk to influence live streamed dates via crowdsourcing