Who is Icefrog?!?!

Last post I mentioned that nobody knew who IceFrog is. Most importantly, I really want to know what happened Guinsoo and IceFrog. Why is IceFrog not working with Guinsoo anymore? Well, there are alot of speculations of drama going on, and this video gives us some good guesses.

Riot’s Approach to Balance

How Riot balances League of Legends

Although I like League of Legends, I have to say it’s not the most balanced game out there. For those who don’t know, one of the lead starters of League of Legends is Guinsoo (Steve Feak). He was one of the founders of Dota. The other person who works alongside Guinsoo at the time was a guy name IceFrog. Nobody knows who he really is. However, we know that Guinsoo was the Master of character design/creation, while IceFrog was the master of balance and development during the times of Dota I . Thus, the reason LoL is able to create so many interesting characters in a short time is because Guinsoo is one of the lead designers of LoL. However, IceFrog does not work for Riot, rumors have it that he is working for Valve on Dota 2.

Starcraft Free to the Public

Starcraft for Free

I was barely a teenager when I first hold my holds on Starcraft. Today, it is completely free to the public. Time flies. The team behind the balance of Starcraft are extremely impressive. Real-time Strategy games are in my opinion the hardest game genre to balance, from monetization, movement speed, building speed, attack range to turn-rate. I hope I can be part of a team that is responsible for balance in a competitive game one day.

Hello world!

Hello World !

I’m a Game Designer/Developer that love to emphasize on balance in competitive Games. There are times where we relate to a game character and want to able to play that character as much as possible. However, if it is not balanced, this make the whole experience unpleasant. The worst part of imbalanced is the work that all the artists put in are going to waste. How would you feel if a character you design is imbalanced and hated by the public because it is too weak? This is why I’m not just interested in balancing, but I think it’s a responsibility¬†as a Game Designer