Website Critique - "The Comic Sans Criminal"

The Comic Sans Criminal is a comical (for a poor use of a play on words) website all about why most people should never use the font, Comic Sans. Not only do I think the entire purpose of the website is brilliant, but the design looks clean, flawless, and easy to naviagate.

The website is essentially only one "page," where the user clicks anywhere on the screen after reading a group of text to view the next section of text. The typography looks professional, which makes sense considering the purpose and heart of the website. As a design student, I completely understand the hatred for "Comic Sans." The hate for Comic Sans has become an inside joke for designers, and a website to display this joke seems perfect. But, of course, the message can not be traveled as well if the website does not look good -- because it is, in fact, all about raising a certain "awareness" about design and typography.

As displayed in the screen grabs above, the easy to navigate and clean look of the website is definitely apparent. There is a clear and structured color palette, which is easy on the eyes and definitely a representation of what the trends in typography and color are in society today. The cute and simple website looks great at the same time as giving me a laugh. The designers are clearly up to date with the trends of design and websites, and have put together a great website.