Chris Mock


Photographer: Diane Arbus


Diane Arbus is an American photographer and takes portraits of queer and
different people(people who are normally perceived as unattractive or surreal). This
website starts the overview page with a short biography on Diane Arbus and has some of
her artwork shown in rows of three as you scroll down. The layout and design of this
website is simple, it has black and white. Except the photographs have color and
black & white.


Also there are two menus bars, under each menu bar there are photographs underneath it.
The menu bar on the very top, has a line of photographs underneath it and you can click
on the left and right arrows on it to see the photographs. This menu bar has nine tabs
on it(Artists, Artworks, Shows, Galleries, Museums, Fairs, Auction, Magazine, and More).
The More tab has 10 pages to click on when you hover your mouse on the More tab(About
Artsy, Artsy for Galleries Artsy for Museums, Artsy for Auctions, Artsy for Education,
The Art Genome Project, Life at Artsy, Jobs, Press, and Contact Artsy). When you hover
your mouse over each tab in the menu bar, it changes to the color purple. When you click
on this tab, the purple color stays on the menu bar and continues to the page you click
on. These tabs in this menu bar focuses more on other artists.The second menu bar is
underneath the line of photographs, and this menu bar has six tabs on it(Overview, Works,
CV, Articles, Shows, Related Artists). In each tab, when you hover your mouse over it, a
black line appears underneath the word and it stays the same color. When you click on it,
the tab you click on changes to the color purple and it has a purple line underneath it.
The tabs Overview and Works, focuses more on Diane Arbus. The other tabs in this menu
focuses mostly on other artists who do similar artwork to her's.


Overall I thought this website is well designed. I like the layout and where he put Diane
Arbus's photographs but it could use more color on the pages, and have more information about
Diane Arbus. The reason why I choose this website than other websites because this website had
more photographs than other websites.




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