Eephus League Magazine
Eephus League is an online interactive magazine, screen grab from website pictured behind, that was created by Bethany Heck, a graphic design student from Auburn University. was Bethany’s thesis project, completed in 2010. The online magazine is an excellent piece with exceptional typography, design, and interaction. The website is unique and creative and I refer to it often for inspiration and creative approaches.

In this online magazine, Heck utilizes the scroll effect to progress from one page to the next. This type of transition is currently trending in the web design world and I believe she uses it well. Each page is very deliberate with clear and concise movement. There is no question as to transition of thought, ideas, or topics. The movement flows at a fast pace as there is never a lag in information or design. Further, the option to jump ahead to certain pages by using the escape key is quite convenient and effective.

The simple and consistent color scheme selected for Eephus League Magazine is perfect for the content; the black, white, and gray is relative to the dated pictures. Adding splashed of oranges and yellows to bring out key information really helps the website pop in certain areas. Heck’s deliberate positioning and usage of these brighter colors shows her understanding color scheme and its importance. It is easy on the eyes and the hierarchy is beautifully crafted.

Heck’s typography throughout the website also uses a distinct hierarchy. In fact, the progression of titles and quotes through large and small, bold and italic fonts, truly catches your eye and makes you want to reread information that stands out. It is obvious that Heck has a purpose for each page designed and she crafts her typography in such a manner. This keen eye for typography is paired with her sharp attention to photography and graphic design.

Eephus League Magazine utilizes extensive text as well as detailed photographs and other imagery. Heck’s eye for design is quite apparent in this piece. With highly detailed imagery, she pairs simplistic text forms. Where this is basic photographic elements, she adds some spark, so to speak, in her typography. These elements are all very unique and diverse from page to page. It truly makes you want to read on and see what is next in her work. The transitions between large photos to smaller elements is very deliberate and has an easy pace from one idea to the next.

All in all, this website is truly inspiring. As a girl who loves baseball, as well as design, I was truly impressed by Bethany Heck’s Eephus League Magazine. I found the piece to be overwhelmingly beautiful with gorgeous design. Her typography, photography, and graphic design background is truly apparent as you move from page to page throughout the piece. It has a nice flow with gorgeous intent. I hope to see more of her work thrive in the near future and wish her all the best. Her work truly captures the saying “a work of art.”