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Resume for Ellen
Originally from Fresno, CA, I have now made Los Angeles my home. Although I love the ocean breeze with an average temperature of 75, I am always willing to find a new place to call home.

Growing up with two brothers meant non-stop baseball chatter and nine inning breakdowns. Raised as a Chicago Cubs fan, I can quote “Rookie of the Year” better than any girl should. I look forward to long conversations with my brothers about dropped fly balls and dirty slider strike-outs on a full count. This sport has now become a fun way of life and I don’t believe I could ever live without it.

Sometime between brother sister bonding and keeping stats at the games, I fell deeply in love with country music. The cowboy boots, the pickup trucks, the Southern sound, and the slower pace of life became more than a dream. Inspired by more than just the songs, I took a summer adventure to North Carolina, only to find it was all I imagined and more. The South was kind, exciting, mellow, and exhilirating all in one. And they LOVED baseball. Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Charleston, and Columbia were just a few spots that captured my heart. I will be back one day, and I may never leave.

For now, I pursue my love for art and multimedia design. With experience in film, post-production, graphic design, special effects, multimedia art, typography, and web design, I grow my skills while working in marketing in the baseball industry. With these skills, I have even planned and produced full events, marketing materials, promotions, and more.