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Born in the cold rainy lands of his native home in North California, Evan Chan has journeyed many a mile to the place he now resides in the city of Los Angeles where he works and attends Loyola Marymount University. A multimedia artist, illustrator, and animator, Mr. Chan works primarily with Photoshop, yet is also proficient in Premier, Illustrator, and MAYA. Ever since he can remember, stories that used animation or illustrations have always captured his imagination. These stories have inspired him to enter the creative field, hoping to infuse the same sense of wonder and love of life into the stories that his art tells. He has worked for several companies creating promotional videos and recently, although is skills are lacking, he’s been trying to advance his skills as an illustrator and artist.


Artist Statement:

Art has always had a really big impact on me. I’ve learned that art has a power to move you, whether its emotionally, or physically move you to get out there and create something yourself. Art is a voice, a thumbprint. When you invest so much time and work into a your art then it begins to reflect who you are. And that’s why I think no two pieces of art are the same. Nobody died from a lack of art, but it’s art that can make people want to live. To be honest and for the lack of a more sophisticated, college level vocabulary word, my techniques suck. I really haven’t developed a style or really mastered any of these programs or techniques enough to call any of it inspiring or to even communicate my ideas. And I’m not sure I would label it as a recurring theme, but because I want to inspire others, I often use my subject matters as something that resonates with me. Maybe its something as strange as a flying pirate ship to something as normal as what I saw on the way back from the grocery store.