This past week I went out with a large format camera and shot some landscape photos in Orange County, California. I wanted to use them as insert shots to a fashion spread I’m shooting that involves the┬ámodel in with the landscape and features her interaction with it. To help form a narrative, I want to include shots like these to break up the pace of portrait after portrait.

Shooting 4″x5″ is an incredibly fun process that requires lots of attention to detail in order to be successful. The attention to detail that goes into taking one photo really makes you think about what you are shooting in a new critical eye.

I shot these photos in color and didn’t think about turning them black and white originally. I usually tend to shoot in black and white just because I think it brings out┬ánature’s timeless and elegant qualities. But in the case of the photographs above, color vs. black and white doesn’t seem as cut and dry to me. I definitely like the image in black and white, but color does something entirely different to it. It gives it the energy it doesn’t have in black and white. There’s a vitality to the color image, but the black image evokes an unbroken stillness which I enjoy quite a lot as well. Which do you prefer?