Alexandra Vargas-Thome

Profile Image Alexandra Vargas-Thome is an experienced 3D modeler, who has a focus on architectural and industrial themes. Having worked previously in Venice CA, she completed work for Newman Building Designs, creating 3D architectural models for clients in the Los Angeles area, including home and business designs. Further work, includes designing and animating characters, as well as creating and digitally augmenting environments for Canny Valley Entertainment, located in West Hollywood.

In addition to 3D modeling, Alexandra Vargas-Thome has a background as a texture artist, 3D animator, visual effects artist, as well as working as a draftswoman. She is skilled in Autodesk's 3DS Max, Maya, and Mudbox, in addition to Adobe's Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere. Futhermore, she possesses coding skills in Javascript and is knowledgeable in HTML and CSS.