Website Review: Imeem.com

Imeem.com, at essence is a social networking website, but rather than focusing on personal statements or descriptive sections where the user can describe them self, it uses an embedded playlist to allow people to express their personality. Confused? Lets get into an example.

When I was in middle school, I had a sony disc-man and a huge binder that housed all my music selections. During that time it consisted mostly of hip hop: DMX, Puff Daddy (now P Diddy) and Outkast to name a few. I never dressed like a rapper or anything like that, but it was the feeling of listening to hip hop that really struck a chord with me. But it doesn’t end there. What ends up happening more often then not, is a sort of social or cultural gathering around music. My friends would (for the most part) share this interest in this particular music. We could swap CD’s or burn each other mixtapes of songs we thought that we would all enjoy.

Okay, now fast-forward.

Imeem takes this cultural phenomenon of music selection and puts at the fingertips of the entire world, oh yea, and the give it to you for free. Rather than having to go to Tower Records, Rasputin, or Warehouse record stores; you can simply access a massive music data-base to collect music that you enjoy. From Rap to Blues to Classical, it is all there. Next you can compile a customized playlist, giving you the control of the songs, song order, and even the color of the imeem player. Once you are done, other users are allowed to come see what you are listening to. Creating that circle of friends around those musical tastes. From there it turns from a music data-base to a social network, allowing others to comment on a users musical preferences.

However one can look at Imeem from a more business geared standpoint and see that this is much more than another non-profiting web 2.0 venture. What it has is an innate ability to profit from its existence. Lets look at the example of a magazine for a moment . . . in this case: URB magazine.

URB is a magazine that focuses on up and coming musical artists and like most magazines do; it sells ad space to create a revenue. Well, imeem is able to take this basic idea and bring it to the next level. While in URB the reader could see LEVI’s ad running next to an article about Drake (an up and coming rapper), an Imeem user could see a Drake Mixtape Released as a custom playlist that is presented by LEVI’s. The difference is night and day, one makes the reader develop a vague affiliation between brand and artist, while the other gives a direct link between the two. Wait, it gets better. The playlist is actually embedded which means, on the release of a mixtape / album, a playlist could hit the blog-o-sphere and circulate garnering way more exposure in the course of a day then one could offer in print form.

Overall I believe that this will be the next way for music to be marketed and distributed, it has all the makings of the next big thing.