• Bio:
    • Born in San Diego California 02.28.1987
    • Move to San Francisco 2001 (for beginning of high school)
      • SF is big influence on all things I like
    • I go to Loyola Marymount and move to Los Angeles in 2005
    • Work for skateboard companies for 2.5 years
    • Begin working for marketing company in early 2008
    • Greatest Assets
    • Assets - Knowledge of Trends, in touch with taste-makers
    • Creative Assets – Drawing, Creative Thinking, Openness, Able to go against the grain
    • Tech Skills
    • Expert in: Illustrator and Photoshop
    • Skilled in : Indesign, Painter, Drawing, Sketching, Painting
    • Able to design all types of things from advertising to apparel to window displays to installations
    • Secret Weapon
    • I have lived in 3 major cities in California, SD, SF, LA . . . all of which I feel like are areas where trends are born; and I think my association with these places gives me a very specific taste and ability to define youth culture.
    • Biggest Dreams
    • To one day be a branding/visual identity/marketing consultant and have Ralph Lauren as a Client

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