Gregor Kalfas: UX/UI Portfolio Critique

Gregor Kalfas is a user experience and user interface designer with immense experience in brand marketing, visual design, prototyping, wire framing, and user testing. His website successfully reflects his great amount of knowledge in the front end development of design. User experience design focuses greatly on the design process, and Gregor has themed his portfolio site with a graphing paper, sketch-like aesthetic. User experience designers begin their design process with their sketch book. Problem solving starts with a lot of brainstorming, thinking, and exploration, and the usage of sticky notes is a big part of the process. When you enter Gregor’s portfolio, his central navigation uses three sticky notes: “my work”, “my process”, and “my story”, which mock the usage of sticky notes in UX design studios.

Impressively, Gregor hand-coded the website himself. He used HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, php, inDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. The fact that he can state that he both designed and coded the website already shows a vast amount of the quality of his skillset. Another successful part about his portfolio is the consistency. The typography, as well as the sketch-like theme remains consistent throughout all his pages. For example, on his “my process” page, his relevant skills and tools bar are filled out in a sketch form. However, the biggest critique I would have regarding his portfolio is that the color scheme lacks a highly clean, app-like feel. Although his color scheme is unique, the blues and greens he chooses are very generic, and lack keeping up with modern, crisp color schemes. Overall, I think that his portfolio site is very successful in that it has very interesting interactivity and content, and it is also very easy to guide yourself through.

Check out Gregor Kalfas and his site for yourself!

Information Overload

The UX site Usability Geek touches on an interesting topic regarding user experience barriers in POS systems.

The main issues POS system users have is slow processing times, complicated navigation, and just plain information overload.

With the right focus groups and user testing, user experience designers could tackle issues with POS systems and implement a new, user friendly design.

User Experience Barriers In POS Systems


Recently, I went to watch the animated film Coco. It was one of the most beautiful movies I have seen in a while, and not just because of the stunning animation, but because of the storyline as well.

The vibrancy and colorfulness of the movie was fantastically done and fit very well with the cultural aspect of the movie.

To learn more about Coco, check out their official site!

Save the Date!

Come join LMU’s Department of Art & Art History at the 34th Annual Awards Ceremony.

The ceremony will take place on Wednesday, April 25th at the Burns Fine Arts Center courtyard. The reception starts at 6pm, and the awards begin at 7pm.

Food and refreshments will be served, as well as live music from LMU’s music department.

See you then!

Get Started in UX

“While we all dream of launching the perfect product or feature, it’s only through testing and iterating that we can refine and improve the user experience.”

UX Mastery is a website that allows you to kickstart your career in User Experience design. Design iteration is a key component within UX, and UX Mastery does a great job at teaching you the essentials.

Take a look!